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Staying safe while camping in Ngorongoro

Camping is one of the safari activities that will give you the greatest adventure while not only in Ngorongoro conservation area but also in Tanzania in General. Camping gives you a chance to experience an outdoor safari with fresh breezes. Camping also reduces on your screen time and takes you away from the digital world. The biggest question about camping is how one keeps safe while camping since one would feel it is not as protected as the organized lodging facility. Here are some of the tips you can use to stay safe while camping.

Be aware of any risks around your tent

As you set up your tent, make sure you survey the surroundings.  Avoid camping under big trees as branches can easily fall off and harm you. The birds also love these trees n their droppings may stain your tent. Look at the drainage as well. Avoid ditches and tents. Look out for ants and ant hills.

Bring plenty of food and water

Make sure you carry a lot of water and the distances from where you may camp and the water sources. Some camps have water but you may need to have drinking water as they may only provide water for showers and washing.

Be aware of the weather

Pack with a sense that it can be hot and rain in the next minute. The Ngorongoro area can be really hot during the day and temperatures will drop at night. Be mindful of the weather and make your research.

Have First Aid equipment available

You are at risk of many things including bites from insects and cuts. Make sure you have a first aid kid since the medical facilities may be far. You may need simple medical attention without necessarily going to hospital.

Know what services are available

Have map and know which services are available and where. Also know the service available at that camping site you are using. Sometimes the mobile cellular will not be available in some areas of the Ngorongoro conservation area. Have a plan for evacuation for example. Charge you gadgets and use the battery sparingly since power will be rare.

Keep your eye out for wildlife

Use repellants to protect yourself from insects and other small flies. However make sure you have a counter plan against wildlife. Camping sites usually have rangers that will give you security and therefore, you will have less work to do here but you will have to be aware as well.

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