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East Africa is hailed as the best region for safaris in Africa, comprising five countries, including Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania (including Zanzibar), and Kenya. The DRC Congo is also considered part of this region due to its similar activities. East Africa offers remarkable safari experiences, such as primate trekking, boat rides, mountaineering, cultural safaris, beach experiences, and more. Whether you opt for budget or luxury Africa safaris, you can capture unforgettable moments with your camera. The climate in East Africa remains consistent across all countries, making June to September and December to February the ideal months for safaris. To enhance affordability, we offer unbeatable prices for private and group safaris, along with occasional free trekking permits for mid-range or luxury trips lasting over twelve days or for groups of eight or more travelers. Browse our tour packages or inquire about tailor-made options to embark on an extraordinary East African adventure.

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